Monday, May 31, 2010

Kitara Cultural Explosion in the Media

Kitara cultural explosion 2010 wasn't just a mere show, it also captured the attention of journalists and it was covered in New Vision lifestyle page.

It was also covered by here

Sunday, May 30, 2010


The chief Guest,  Minister of State for Cultural Affairs Hon. Rukia Nakadama       Representatives of the Ministry of Tourism Trade  and Industry     Officials of Government Parastatals       Members of the diplomatic corps      Representatives of Cultural Institutions      Executives of Business Companies      Members of the Civil Society      Cultural Artists       Performing Artists; Ladies and Gentlemen
In traditional Africa, life was advanced out event and a celebrated experience
In Tooro the word “Abatooro” simply means “people set for a ceremony” you are welcome to this evening cultural gala that gives us an occasion to reflect on the role of our cultural heritage in the transformation of our society.
We are here to demonstrate what we need to do, to make our cultural heritage do, what it can do in the development of our country.
After missing a competitive edge in technological advancement, the greatest strength the African people have is their cultural and natural heritage in form of expression in art, dance, folklore and artifact, history and environment. Unfortunately, this strength and potential has not yet been given its appropriate recognition. Culture continues to be marginalized in corporate budgets, in development partner’s budgets, in personal budgets and national budgets. We continue to witness limited institutions of government and civil society that promote culture and cultural approach to development.
We want to emphasize honorable Guest of honour that “The African people need to rediscover themselves in their cultural heritage, reclaim it and integrate it in the mainstream development process.
Engabu za Tooro humble experience in culture for development has been independently and objectively tested and proven as follows;
1.      Cross cultural foundation (CCFU) of Uganda with support of Common Wealth Foundation has research and published documentary of two Engabu Za Tooro projects as model case studies for proving the role culture in development.
2.      Scholars of Makerere University and Bergen University of Norway used our Koogere project as a model case study to demonstrate relationship between culture and contemporary development practice. Their publications are available for sale.
3.      We have groomed cultural artists who have developed and promoted our traditional folklore to international stage and worn national and international accolades from Pearl of Africa Music Awards, Rotary International, Kisima East African Awards and nomination from Africa Kora Awards.
4.      Engabu Za Tooro received accreditation to a UN Agency (World Intellectual Property Organization) to participate as an observer in the inter-governmental sessions on intellectual property and Genetic resources, Traditional knowledge and folklore.
Using EZT humble experience we can prove as follows
1.      Tapping on our cultural heritage we can build confidence, morals, sense of identity among the young people and hence enhance national identity.
2.      Tapping on our cultural heritage we can enhance innovation and creativity for sustainable improvement among our people.
3.      Tapping on our abundant cultural heritage as a resource in development we can accelerate economic improvement through skills and talent development and promotion of research and tourism.
4.      We can use culture and cultural actions to mobilize, educate and sensitize our people and it is an effective approach in tackling social concerns like Health, reproductive health, peace and reconciliation, gender equity and human rights.
“Cultural approach is the most effective method of making lasting impact on an individual and a group as it appeals to and capture all faculties of a person”.
The biggest constraint in tapping cultural heritage for development in Albertaine region is lack of enabling infrastructure and facilities to make the abundant cultural heritage accessible for education, research and tourism.
Engabu Za Tooro wants to mobilize and challenge the society to build a cultural centre in FORT Portal - a hub of cultural diversify and potential tourism activity in the Albertine region.
-          The people from the region, living in the country or in Diaspora.
We are launching the campaign today have at Serena and in August we are proceeding to 5 cities of USA. People of Uganda origin living in USA together with our USA based development partners have organized the shows.
1.      Government, though partnership support and recommendation.
2.      The business sector
3.      The development partners and foreign missions
1.      Air ticket contribution to 14 cultural artists who are schedule to travel to USA in August for fundraising activities.
2.      Partnership with development organization, government and corporate sector in Engabu Za Tooro Programmes.
3.      Direct contribution to the main project
4.      Relationship based on information sharing and strategic networking.
We wish you good cultural evening and prosperous life in the times ahead
Stephen Rwagweri
Executive Director